bpmnPRO is an eLearning app that provides pre-certification practice for the BPMessentials BPMN Method and Style training or can serve as standalone BPMN training.  Taking a gamification approach, bpmnPRO has no lecture or formal “teaching” of any sort.  It’s 100% exercises – quizzes and puzzles.  Patterned a bit after Duolingo, a popular iPad app for learning foreign languages using a gamification approach, bpmnPRO supports “learning by making mistakes.”  If you miss a question, no problem.  bpmnPRO tells you the right answer, and you go on.

bpmnPRO works either with or without formal BPMN training.  You really don’t need any BPMN knowledge to start, just a bit of common sense.  Often the same question is asked multiple ways: What does this diagram mean?  Choose the diagram that models this scenario.  Which of the following diagrams are correct?  Drag the puzzle tiles to diagram this scenario…  In the end, you will learn BPMN.  And not just the meaning of the shapes and symbols as defined by the BPMN 2.0 spec, but the Method and Style principles as well, conventions that ensure that the process logic is clearly expressed in the printed diagram alone.

You’ll progress through 10 levels, most of which include 3 lessons.  Each lesson contains 16 exercises, and you can miss up to 3 and keep going; more than that you need to re-do the lesson.  Level 10 is The BPMN Game, a selection of the hardest exercises from the preceding levels.  You’ll accumulate points as you level up – the points for a question go down if you are re-doing a lesson.  bpmnPRO is hosted on Scormcloud, a leading Learning Management System (LMS).  Using the Previous and Next buttons on the LMS page you can skip ahead or go back.  It’s a great way to learn BPMN Method and Style or to practice for the certification exam.

Check out the free Trial Edition.  When you are ready, you may purchase access by clicking here.

bpmnPRO is hosted on the Scormcloud LMS.  You will receive your Scormcloud invitation to bpmnPRO within 24 hours of purchase.