BPMN Quick and Easy Now Available in Kindle Edition

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My new book BPMN Quick and Easy is now available in the Kindle Textbook format.  Kindle Textbook is a pdf-based (non-reflowable) format that preserves the graphics quality.  It runs on Kindle for PC, tablets, and phones, but not on really old Kindle hardware.  If you purchase the paperback you can get the Kindle format for [...]

Announcing New Book – BPMN Quick and Easy

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Today my new book BPMN Quick and Easy Using Method and Style was published. You can get it on Amazon, and a Kindle Textbook version should follow next week.  Where BPMN Method and Style 2nd Edition was a comprehensive reference, the new book is slimmed down, focusing on just the elements today's process modelers need [...]

Gateways and End States: An Example of BPMN Style

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People sometimes ask me, what is Method and Style?  For a quick marketing answer, you can watch this Ignite video.  But if you want a concrete example, read on... Method and Style is a systematic approach to creating what I call "good BPMN"... not simply correct according to the spec, but models that fulfill BPMN's [...]

Announcing New BPMN Method and Style Training on Trisotech

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I am happy to announce a new version of BPMN Method and Style training and certification using the Trisotech BPMN Modeler.  I have offered live and live/online BPMN training for many years using itp commerce's Visio add-in and Signavio, but the effort to create web/on-demand training has always been limited this format to a single [...]

BPMN: The Evolution of Method and Style

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It's hard to believe I've been doing BPMN Method and Style training for 10 years.  With the introduction of a major new version from one of my tool providers, and plans to bring on another tool, I'm now at work on the 7th - and hopefully last - version of the training content.  And it [...]

DMN and BPMN: Common Motivation, Different Outcome?

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With the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard, the Object Management Group (OMG) is hoping to replicate its signature success story, BPMN.  Unlike most OMG standards, both BPMN and DMN are purportedly aimed at business users rather than developers and architects.  Business users are notoriously averse to standards, so BPMN’s achievement of high business user [...]

Routing Decisions and the DMN Method

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In my book DMN Method and Style I find some fault with both The Decision Model (TDM) and the Lending example in the DMN 1.1 spec for delegating definition of a multi-step business decision to a BPMN process model instead of to where it rightfully belongs, a DMN decision model.  To me, determining something like  [...]

Process-Driven Applications: A New Approach to Executable BPMN

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One of the singular successes of BPM technology is a common language - BPMN - used both for process modeling and executable design.  At least in theory....   In reality, the BPMN created by the business analyst to represent the business requirements for implementation often bears little resemblance to the BPMN created by the BPMS [...]

BPM at IBM InterConnect

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It would be unfair to say there was absolutely nothing on BPM at IBM's InterConnect conference, which took place this week in Las Vegas... but it would not be far from the truth. InterConnect is the supposed successor to IBM's annual Impact middleware event where "Smarter Process" - IBM's term for BPM and decision management [...]