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5 Decision Service Usage Patterns

One of the most significant aspects of DMN 1.2 is the establishment of decision services as an important and useful feature of the standard.  Decision services existed previously but offered little practical utility other than demarking units of execution within a DRD.  Today that is just one of five distinct usage patterns for DMN decision services.

Usage Pattern 1: As a unit of deployment

Perhaps the most important use of decision services is not even mentioned in the spec, but it is implicit in DMN’s architecture and a major theme of DMN Cookbook.  A decision model in which all nodes have defined decision logic can be deployed into the runtime environment as a stateless service.  In the Trisotech tool, for instance, this requires just a single mouse click.  The service can be invoked by any client app or process capable of making a REST call.  If you want to see this […]

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