A Thoroughly Modern AWD

One of the oldest BPMS's around is one you may not have heard of: AWD from DST Technologies. If you send in a check to fund your retirement account or pay an insurance premium, chances are good that AWD is running the process to handle that transaction and the customer service surrounding it. Up to now it's mostly been used in high-volume BPO operations, many run by DST itself for some of the largest financial services companies in the world. But with AWD10, DST is ready to make it more widely known among the mainstream BPM community.

They call it a BPMS-enabled application rather than a platform. The basic structure of the app is prebuilt, along with key data objects needed in operations that capture customer transactions and handle customer service. That means business can build and maintain the solutions themselves... something many still insist cannot be done. They have a nice BPMN-based design tool that neatly separates process design from service design - both graphical - and lots of attention to work management, with business rules that prioritize "today's work" for each work team. Think of a cross between Pega, Lombardi, and FileNet... all in one package. If your company receives a high volume of customer transactions, you ought to give AWD a look. Check out my white paper here.