Announcing DMN Method and Style Basics - Training and Certification

I am happy to announce a brand new class, DMN Method and Style Basics, based on the Trisotech DMN Modeler, tailored for business users. The training includes 60-day use of the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite and post-class certification. Click here to register. Until October 31, we are offering it for the special price of $295, after which the price will revert to the standard price of $695. By the end of the year, I plan to add a follow-on DMN Method and Style Advanced class, for more technical decision modelers. Pricing for the combined Basic and Advanced will be announced at that time.

DMN Method and Style Basics provides comprehensive instruction in use of the new Decision Modeling and Notation standard at Conformance Level 2, which supports DRDs and decision tables. DMN lets business analysts and other business users define the decision logic underlying key business operations, including regulatory compliance, pricing, lending and credit approval, claims, and more. Students will learn how to model "end-to-end" decision logic in a Decision Requirements Diagram (DRD), how to define executable logic for each decision node in the diagram using decision tables, and how to properly link the DMN model with an associated BPMN process model. In addition, students will learn a top-down decision modeling methodology, a systematic approach to decomposing the DRD starting from the business decision as a whole, using common decision logic patterns.

The class is delivered on-demand via the Scormcloud Learning Management System (LMS). Interspersed with the training are numerous "hands-on" exercises, which students perform using the Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite, another cloud-based tool. Students have access to the tool in my workspace for use in class and in the 60-day post-class certification period. Certification is based on an online exam and mail-in exercise.

The course outline is below. At the end of each part of the training there is a 10-question multiple choice quiz similar to the certification exam.

  1. What Is DMN?
  2. Routing Decisions
  3. DMN by Example
  4. The DMN Method
  5. Certification and Beyond