Announcing New BPMN Method and Style Training on Trisotech

I am happy to announce a new version of BPMN Method and Style training and certification using the Trisotech BPMN Modeler. I have offered live and live/online BPMN training for many years using itp commerce's Visio add-in and Signavio, but the effort to create web/on-demand training has always been limited this format to a single tool, itp commerce. Now we can offer a new world-class cloud/browser-based alternative for web/on-demand BPMN training. The barrier for Method and Style support in any tool is always style rule validation, but Trisotech has implemented a mechanism similar to the Method and Style validation in their DMN tool, incorporating my code inside their toolbar.

Although the Trisotech training will be offered under the Method and Style logo and the itp commerce training under the BPMessentials brand, the content and certification are the same in both. The slides focus on tool-independent aspects of BPMN Method and Style, with numerous "Watch me do this" screencams added to illustrate tool-specific mechanics and special features. The version 7 training includes some new material on integrating BPMN with DMN and expanded coverage of event subprocesses, as well as a general streamlining of the content. Like DMN Basics and DMN Advanced, the Trisotech-based BPMN Method and Style training is hosted in the Scormcloud LMS.

Special Launch Pricing

The training includes 60-day use of the tool and post-class certification based on an exam and mail-in exercise that must be iterated until it is perfect. The standard price of $960 is the same as for the itp commerce version, but I am offering special launch pricing of $850 until September 30. There will also be a special bundle of BPMN + DMN training, but price for that has not been announced. Students of the upcoming live-online training will be able to use either itp commerce's new tool, ViziModeler, or Trisotech.