Another view on BPM and business-IT alignment

James Taylor's blog on ebizq points to another piece on that site which asserts not only, as James paraphrases, that BPM and SOA are no "silver bullet" for the business-IT alignment problem, but that they are at their core no different from all previous attempts to bridge the business-IT gap. Zygmunt Jackowski, PhD, who describes himself as a BPM Specialist with the Australian Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, poses the question this way:

1. Apart from all the hype, is the BPM/SOA approach at its core different from what have been tried before to bridge the business-IT gap?

2. Is there any breakthrough feature (technological, methodological or perhaps architectural) that poses BPM/SOA approach as a likely winner over the previous attempts? He goes on to say:

My answer to both of the questions above is ?No? and I will address them in later commentaries. This means that not denying all the advantages that BPM/SOA approach brings with it (a list of which one can find on BPM/SOA Websites of their choice) we are still not any closer to resolving the issue of bridging the business-IT divide.
The title of the piece is "Bridging the IT-Business Gap With BPM and SOA (Part I)." Oy.