Book Now In Stock (mea culpa)

The good news is my book BPMN Method and Style 2nd edition, with BPMN Implementer's Guide, is now showing In Stock on (not yet on, unfortunately, which says 5-8 weeks). It was available for about 2 days at the end of October, and then I found about half dozen typos I saw on close reading. I thought I would just fix right away, so that a bunch of 'imperfect' books would not go out. Usually this causes a 2-day hiccup on Amazon, but the printer had to fill all the initial orders before they could create their own proof of the revision (I waived the proof on my end)... and then it was another week or more before it showed up again on Amazon. So my good intentions really messed up my "launch". Anyway, if you had a thought of buying the book but saw it Out of Stock on Amazon, your wait is over. I expect another week or two before the international sites have it.

If you are buying 15 or more books shipped to a single address, you can order the books direct from me at a 40% discount. Contact me by email, and soon I will post a link where you can order by credit card for this.