BPMN and Business-Empowered Implementation... Twice Next Week

Next week I'm stirring the pot again on one of my favorite topics - BPMN and Business-Empowered Implementation. Not once but twice.

On June 17 I'll be moderating a panel at the Intalio User Conference in San Francisco. I'm hoping for users who have been-there-done-that with Intalio's BPMN modeler. What is the business-IT interaction really like? What skills are required? What are the hard parts? The parts that went better than expected? I'm interested to find out myself!

On June 18 I'm doing a webcast on ebizQ: Business-Empowered Process Implementation... Good for Business and IT. Here's the registration link. It bugs me that some people continue to repeat the old canard about business folks tweaking production apps with no IT involvement. This is a short one that describes what business-empowered implementation - such as possible with BPMN-based BPM Suites - is really all about.