BPMN Method and Style Training March 5-7

There's still space available in my BPMessentials live-onine BPMN Method and Style class, March 5-7 from 11am -4pm (US ET)/8am-1pm (US PT)/5pm-10pm (Europe CET) each day. No previous modeling experience is required, and you will come out of the training able to construct BPMN models that are not only correct but clear, consistent, and complete. The class includes hands-on exercises in class using Process Modeler for Visio, an add-in to Visio from itp-commerce, as well as post-class certification. To support the certification, a 60-day license to the BPMN tool is included in the cost of the class. We have trained over 1000 people worldwide on the Method and Style approach to BPMN, and the list of certified students is continually growing. Check out the syllabus on the bpmessentials.com website.

BPMN looks a lot like traditional flowcharting, but if you really want to make your models sharable across the organization, you need a bit of training. You'll learn the shapes and symbols that are important - it's really a small subset of the total element set - and when and how to use each one. You'll learn the Method - a cookbook procedure for going from a blank page to a complete process model, with a consistent structure in which the process logic is unambiguous from the printed diagram alone. And you'll learn about BPMN Style, simple rules of composition and usage reinforced by validation in the tool. It's all baked into the training, delivered live, interactively, over the web. You'll access the training in a browser window and run Visio with the BPMN add-in in a second window.

Many consultants are getting into the BPMN training business, but why learn BPMN from a guy who read a book when you can learn it from the guy that wrote the book? The price is $1095 (quantity 1), $995 ea (quantity 5), or $895 (quantity 10+). Click here to register.