Bring Back the Old Think Tank

I'm at the annual OMG BPM Think Tank event in Chicago and, to be perfectly honest, it isn't working any more. This used to be my favorite BPM event, an industry insider deal, just vendors and consultants - no users - talking about standards and how to move BPM forward as an "industry." You had the top technical guys from the tools vendors, top consultants and analysts, lots of energy and spirited debate. None of that hustling and posturing that you find in typical end user BPM conferences. Somewhere along the way OMG decided to morph Think Tank into a lame wannabe BPM end user conference. Brilliant idea, guys. OMG?? Seriously. No chance.

Sandy is doing her usual live blogging and the brevity of her posts says it all. The networking is still fun but who wants to fly to the Motel 6 O'Hare for that? Let's get back to the old format, or put a bullet in this thing.

Below, Sandy decides to blow off the whole thing and take in a local "art exhibit" instead.