Check out Cordys

One cool thing I saw at Brainstorm BPM was a demo by Cordys of their BPMN-based process designer. I hadn't heard of Cordys, which is based in Amsterdam , but they sent me the latest Gartner MQ of the "ISE" market (Gartner's term for SOA management/orchestration platforms -- why do they do this?) where Cordys came out highest in the "completeness of vision" axis.

Anyway, they have a really nice BPMN designer, supporting intermediate events and other "hard" parts of BPMN. You make the shapes and lines executable by dragging services and data mappings onto them, and it generates executable BPML (not BPEL today) under the covers. They also have business rules, workflow, BAM, lots of good stuff. Some of the Cordys people I met there said this is Composite Application Framework, not BPM, but the BPMN project leader said, no, this is BPM. I think so too. When they get their messaging straightened out, I think we'll be hearing more about Cordys in the BPMS space.