Claiming the Dinner Bet

From Lombardi (thank you Wayne Snell!):

  • Allianz Life of Minneapolis, 2800 employees, $14B in premiums, part of the Allianz Group HQ'ed in Germany. At Brainstorm SF, Kim Kostelecky presented on their initial foray into BPMS with Lombardi TeamWorks. The first project was new account opening in their securities business. Project began November 2005 and went into production March 2006. Five additional projects are in development, with others planned. The process is complex process is complex, meaningful, has many subprocesses, BPMN-based, and even incorporates web services for integration. They mostly model and modify their processes without any vendor help, according to Wayne, "unless they are resource constrained, at which we do help them occasionally."
  • Hasbro, Inc., $3 Billion leader in toy manufacturing. TeamWorks is managing the B2B RFQ process for more than 100 suppliers building out Hasbro's toys, mostly out of the Far East. This is a very large process that they totally created and manage by themselves. it has been in production for more than 4 years now. It does not use web services, but does directly connect to SAP and other transaction systems. With BPM, Hasbro increased volume 250% with no increase in staff, and reduced cycle time from 12 days to under 2.
From Cordys (thank you Erwin Nooteboom!!):
  • Bouwfonds (currently owned by ABN-AMRO bank), an international property company located in Europe. The application is a complex business process with human workflow to support the financial consolidation, Basel II and Economic Capital reporting. Cordys is completely SOA, service orchestration, ESB, the whole works, using BPMN for modeling and design. The nice thing in this case is that the business not only understands process modeling but actually runs, demos, and tests the implementation! To date there have been around 10 iterations where change requests were implemented within less than a week.
  • De Amersfoortse (owned by Fortis bank), an insurance company located in Europe, uses Cordys Composite Application Framework (BPMS) in a complex solution to register new pension plan participants and adapt the plans of existing participants to conform to regulatory changes. The system also supports a new system of internal benchmarking, taking advantage of Cordys BAM features to monitor business activity across the various divisions. The solution also supports management of third-party organizations such as employers through the seamless integration of business processes with web services and standards-based web portals. Cycle time for new pension enrollment has dropped from 13 minutes to 2 minutes.
According to Cordys, both of these implementations are in production, based on top-down (business model-driven) design, and meet the other criteria in the bullets above.

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