Discount on BPMN Training/Certification Chicago Oct 16-17

I just found out about the great discounts available for my 2-day BPMN Method and Style training in Chicago October 16-17. Most 2-day BPMN training goes for $1895 and up. Yes that's pricey. But, host of my live class at their iBPMS Expo, has some really attractive pricing. If it's just you, the price is $1395 until September 22. Here is the link to sign up. But if two register together, you get a 10% discount. Three to five gets a 25% discount, and more than five gets a 40% discount. That's around $840 each. By comparison , my live-online class with 5-9 is $995 each! If you want the group discount, email to But do it before September 22.

This is the full BPMessentials class, including 60-day use of Process Modeler for Visio from itp commerce and post-class certification. Based on my book BPMN Method and Style, the training can jump-start your BPM efforts by getting your whole team on the same page. More than a rundown of the shapes and symbols, the class shows you a step-by-step method together with a set of conventions called style rules. Together these ensure that your process logic is correctly structured and clear from the printed diagram alone.

You shouldn't underestimate the value of the post-class certification, either. It takes practice to internalize the class material, and the certification exam and mail-in exercise provide that. It's part of the training, available at no extra cost. This is where you really learn how to create good BPMN. We do lots of exercises in class, but there is isn't time for enough repetitions on each topic. That's where bpmnPRO comes in. This is my brand new eLearning app based entirely on gamification that covers the material, and it's 100% exercises - multiple choice quizzes and assembling diagrams from tiles in a puzzle-like fashion. It's perfect practice for the certification exam and exercise, and you can even learn BPMN without classroom training just from the app alone. The app is normally available for $49.95 to my students and $199 to non-students, but if you sign up for my Chicago class you will get it for free.

Put it all together: Live training, Method and Style, BPMN tool, post-class certification, bpmnPRO... and fantastic group discounts. You can't beat that. See you in Chicago!