DMN and Digital Disruption

The analysts have mostly missed what's happening with DMN and its potentially disruptive impact on Digital Transformation, but Derek Miers of MWD Advisors gets it right in his latest report, "Decision Management Drives Disruption."

What's fundamentally different about the DMN standard is that the standardization and accessibility of the notation is enabling a new wave of innovation... that has managed to overcome many of the limitations of previous attempts to move toward model-driven applications. However, that promise only comes to reality with full support for FEEL Level 3 compliance. An open source execution engine for Level 3 is available as part of Red Hat's implementation...
So, he continues, there's little excuse for tool vendors not to include that. But, he notes, some incumbent vendors are trying to "shape the narrative around the standard" to mitigate the disruption, with executable decision logic being the key battleground. Miers gives a helpful shout-out to the DMN TCK, which I've recently written about, as a good way to measure conformance to the standard. For a good business-oriented discussion of the issues, I recommend this free report.