Get OCEB-Certified for Free

You're probably saying, what the heck is OCEB? It stands for OMG Certified Expert in BPM, a series of credentials issued by OMG to demonstrate levels of BPM competence based on exams. There are 5 levels - a fundamental level, business intermediate and advanced, and technical intermediate and advanced. It's not just about BPMN, but pretty wide-ranging across BPM as both a management discipline and a technology. Maybe too wide ranging for my tastes. You can find out more about OCEB here.

The exams and certification are going to cost money (big surprise), but to get the thing off the ground OMG needs beta testers for the Fundamental exam. The beta helps decide which questions to keep and which to discard as too easy, too hard, too stupid, whatever. Beta testers get to take the exam free... well, maybe... and if they pass, they are certified, before the thing even goes out to the general public. Actually here's what OMG says about the free beta:

OMG will select and accept a limited number of applicants into the OCEB Free Beta Inducement Program. (In addition, a larger number of applicants may be accepted into an OCEB Half-price Beta Inducement Program. Every applicant is automatically considered for both programs.)
Since I was one of those who helped write the test questions, OMG says they will give preferential treatment to my referrals. So here's how you would sign up. Go to the signup page here and down where it asks, How did you find out about OCEB? check Personal Contact and put in my name. They say that will work... up to a point. We'll see.