Method and Style Workshop Update

Last Friday I had a run-through of my upcoming BPMN Method and Style Level 1 workshop. It was a good thing. I got some helpful feedback on the content, and I learned a few tricks of Microsoft Visio 2010 (having the Visio product manager in attendance didn't hurt). It was a little rushed to squeeze all of Level 1 into a 4-hour window, so I am expanding the workshop to 5 hours instead of 4. Because of interest overseas, I am adding two more sessions that fit better with working hours in Europe and Asia. And because not everyone will have a headset or the bandwidth for internet audio, there will be an option for toll-free dial-in audio as well.

The workshop is full BPMN Method and Style training using the Level 1 palette, complete with hands-on exercises using the new Microsoft Visio 2010 Premium, which supports BPMN natively. It's live, interactive, but delivered over the internet. You'll get instruction in a browser window and do exercises in Visio 2010 Premium in a separate window. You'll learn not only how to use the entire Level 1 palette, but my step-by-step methodology that brings clarity and consistency to your process models, and gets business and IT speaking the same process language. In addition, you'll learn the key elements of BPMN style that ensure your diagrams are understandable across the business and traceable from the top down, even by others far removed from the original modeling effort.

The cost is a modest $395, with volume discounts. Note the dates and times:

  • July 19, 5am-10am PT (8am-1pm ET, which is 2pm-7pm in Europe). Register here.
  • July 20, 8am-1pm PT (11am-4pm ET, a more reasonable time for us West Coasters). Register here.
  • July 21, 6pm-11pm PT (July 22, 11am-4pm in Australia, 10am-3pm in Japan, 9am-2pm in China). Register here.