Method and Style Wizard Generates BPMN Automatically

itp commerce has just released a new BPMN Method and Style wizard that automatically creates well-structured BPMN from a simple interview. In my BPMN training, the "Method" is the hardest part because it asks students to describe the process top-down and abstractly, as opposed to the bottom-up "what came next?" format of the SME fact-finding. It's especially hard when you're first learning the shapes and symbols, and have all those label-matching style rules to keep in mind, as well. Process Modeler for Visio now lets a wizard do all the work. Modelers just need to answer questions about activities, their end states, and what comes after what. The wizard generates hierarchical BPMN automatically. Great job, guys!

I made a 13-minute video that explains the issue and demonstrates the tool in action. Check it out here.

If the "good BPMN" idea is something you're interested in, there's still room in my next BPMN Method and Style class, June 3-5, which includes the bpmnPRO gamified eLearning app and post-class certification. More info on that here.