New BPMessentials Class: Starting and Organizing a BPM Project

I am excited to announce a brand new course under our BPMessentials training and certification brand, Starting and Organizing a BPM Project. It's taught by Shelley Sweet of I4Process, a colleague who has been providing process improvement consulting for many years and who is really excellent. If you've taken my BPMN Method and Style class or read the book, you know that its starting point is having detailed information about how the process works - whether that's the current-state process or some future-state improved process. I don't tell you how to get that information, or how to pick the best process to work on, or how to assemble the right team, secure executive sponsorship, and all those things you need to do in real life before you settle in to the BPMN part. That's what Shelley's course does. It's more about the "people" aspects of BPM: how to set up a charter for the effort, what are the right roles and skills for the team, how to communicate to management. It's good stuff, and Shelley is excellent.

Like most process improvement consultants, Shelley comes from the stickies-on-the-wall tradition, but unlike them she has upped her game to the 21st century, using BPMN for the swimlane diagrams - when the time for that arrives, and leveraging the same Visio BPMN add-in from itp commerce that I use in my Method and Style training. The certification procedure is aligned with Method and Style as well: an online exam plus a mail-in exercise in the 60-day interval following the training.

In the class you will learn how to:

  • Develop a charter which sets goals, measures, and scope
  • Select 6 critical roles or the process improvement team
  • Develop a high level map
  • Facilitate the initial meetings with the sponsor and project lead
  • Identify baseline measures
  • Select from 4 methods to document the As-Is model
  • Model a current state flow in a swimlane diagram using level 1 BPMN
  • Facilitate effective modeling work sessions
The live-online class will be delivered on March 27-28 from 11am-4pm ET. Click here for more details, pricing, and registration.