New BPMN Live Online Class - Sept 19-21

Based on a very successful July class, with 35 students, including several from Europe and Asia, we're going to do another one in September. Save the date - BPMN Method and Style training, live online on September 19, 20, and 21 from 11am-4pm ET (8am-1pm PT, or 5pm-10pm Europe time). The class will leverage some brand new features of itp commerce Process Modeler for Visio v5.6. The price of the training is $1095 for 1, $995 each for 5, or $895 each for 10 or more. That includes the training, 60-day license to the BPMN tool, and post-class certification. Certification demonstrates mastery of BPMN. You need to pass an online exam, and then submit a model you create for my review and comment.

A number of folks are jumping into the BPMN training business, but buyer beware. But BPMN Method and Style is still the gold standard, the "real thing."

What's the difference?

  • The real thing shows you which BPMN 2.0 elements are the ones you need to know, and which you can ignore. The others do not.
  • The real thing provides a methodology for turning a blank page into a complete BPMN model - clear, consistent, and shareable between business and IT. The others have no clue.
  • The real thing provides style rules that ensure your process model is readily understood from the diagram alone... and shows you how to validate your models against those rules using a special version of the BPMN tool. The Method and Style approach and the validation tool belong to me, so the others can't offer it.
  • The real thing offers post-class certification of BPMN proficiency, based on an online exam and a modeling exercise that I review personally. The others don't verify that you really understand how to use BPMN correctly and effectively.
  • The real thing is taught by a BPMN expert. Don't learn BPMN from a guy who read a book; learn it from the guy who wrote the book.
  • The real thing - live online September 19-21- costs $895-1095 (based on number you are signing up), including the software tool and post-class certification. The others charge $1790 (plus travel expense), with no certification.
So, if you were thinking about getting trained in BPMN, you can either get the real thing, or the not-real thing. It's not that hard to figure out. Click here to register, or contact me directly for more info.