Reactions to IBM-FileNet

I just caught the tail of the conference call, but a few items of interest pop up in the slides.

  1. Customer investments in both IBM and FileNet platforms will be protected and enhanced. Yeah, they always say that in M&A, but there is a LOT of overlap here. It took years for IBM to sort out the ECM overlaps out of its Lotus acquisition, and this won't be any different.
  2. IBM admits FileNet BPM's strength is in content-centric processes, and WebSphere BPM's strength is in business integration. Bowing to the obvious, yes, but before today neither company was willing to say it out loud.
  3. IBM is talking about this as part of their SOA strategy. There is nothing SOA about FileNet.
  4. "Expanded value" for existing IBM clients is purportedly integration of BPM with email management, forms management, and records management. Hmmm, IBM already has those 3 ECM components, but they just never bothered to integrate with their own BPM.
  5. "Expanded value" for existing FileNet clients is federated records management and email archiving compliant with SEC/NASD regulations. Hmmm, a dig at FileNet's records management?
But this is all just tea-leaf reading. Hopefully the implications will become less murky as the dust settles.