TCK Shows Momentum Behind "Real" DMN

In July I discussed the features and benefits of the DMN Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK), which provides an ever-enlarging suite of DMN models, including test input values and expected outputs. The TCK website then had 4 DMN tools listed. Now it has 6, as shown below:

This is significant because the TCK is the true measure of support for "real" DMN. While OMG allows any tool vendor that can draw something approximating a DRD to claim DMN conformance, that is hardly the criterion for a modeling language standard. To work with the TCK, a tool must be able to import the test models, serialized per the DMN standard XML schema, and execute the logic specified in the DMN standard expression language FEEL. That better reflects user expectations of any standard, i.e., that you can interchange work between conformant tools and that the result is always the same. Decision management practitioners using tools not on the TCK list should ask their tool vendor why not, especially if the vendor is using the DMN label in their marketing.

The list of tests and participating tools is updated monthly on the TCK website. Eventually it ought to become a reference point for decision management RFPs.