Three Cheers for BonitaSoft

I have run across 5 BPMS vendors interested in my BPMN-I work: Activiti, BonitaSoft, Oracle, SAP, and IBM. Of the five, BonitaSoft is so far the most successful in actually implementing BPMN 2.0-based model interchange. Not only that, they are the only one so far that has implemented any of my suggestions for conforming to the xsd and BPMN-I.

Here's an example. I created the following diagram in itp commerce Process Modeler for Visio:

That's the top level diagram. Here is the expansion of Sub1 on a child-level page:

itp's BPMN 2.0 export wasn't perfect. Here is the BPMN-I profile report:

After I fixed these errors in XMLSpy, I imported into pre-release BonitaSoft 5.5. It looks like this:

No, it isn't perfect, but it's better than any other tool I have seen so far. What couldn't it handle?

  • Pools and lanes
  • Message flows
  • Subprocess converted to Call activity
  • Boundary events on subprocess
  • Event gateway converted to XOR gateway
  • Loop marker on task
  • Non-interrupting boundary event converted to interrupting
  • Multiple pages converted to a single page
The red Xs in BonitaSoft are presumably due to missing executable details. The layout is reasonably faithful to Visio, even the bendpoints of the connectors. To support the Descriptive subclass of BPMN (and BPMN-I), BonitaSoft needs to work on subprocess, message flows, pools and lanes... but so far I would put them way out in front in the race to provide true BPMN 2.0-based import-and-edit. Also, they are by far the easiest to install and run. So three cheers for BonitaSoft!