Updated Blueworks Live BPM Training Video

Together with Shelley Sweet of I4Process, I began doing a set of basic Process Mapping 101 training videos for Lombardi Blueprint several years back, and have updated it every couple years for IBM Blueworks Live. The latest iteration is now online, available for free whether or not you are a Blueworks Live user. In addition to the basics of how to get started in BPM - how to organize the project, staff the team, create the first high level map, and communicate with the sponsor - the latest version shows off more of the advanced capabilities of the tool, including modeling policies and decisions, and Blueworks Live's extensive collaboration features. There's even a bit of BPMN Method and Style thrown in. The link is here. You don't need to be a BWL subscriber but you have to give up your name and email. Some of the boilerplate text on the registration page is still from the older version, but trust me, the content is all new. Check it out, let me know what you think.