Updated Kindle Editions

My luck with publishing for Kindle has not been good. Most of my books' negative comments on Amazon are specific to Kindle issues, but since the paper and Kindle versions are linked, it reflects badly on the books overall. My first book BPMN Method and Style tried to use the original Kindle reflowable format. Even though I spent dozens of hours trying to make the graphics look good, the Kindle format itself rendered them at too low a resolution to be useful.

Finally Amazon came up with an alternative Kindle Textbook format - I think they now call it Print Replica format - based on a PDF. This format plays on PC, iPhone, iPad, etc., but not on the original Kindle hardware. The graphics look good, but I made a dumb mistake. Since I normally read Kindle files on my phone, I formatted my Kindle books as 16x9 landscape with large font, so it reads well on a phone. Smart, right? No, incredibly dumb! More nasty comments.

I've learned my lesson. Today I reissued all four of my current books in true "print replica" Kindle format. So if you like the paper format, the e-book looks exactly the same (except for the newer ones the graphics are color). If you buy the print edition on Amazon you can add the Kindle for $2.99, The books are:

  • BPMN Method and Style 2nd edition (2011). Covers everything, even the part that's not used. Some readers complained that technical information in the Implementer's Guide section was not helpful to them. Yeah, that's why it's in the Implementer's Guide.
  • BPMN Quick and Easy (2017). Short, sweet, and to the point. Up to date on the Method and Style part. If you're a process modeler, I recommend this one.
  • DMN Method and Style 2nd edition (2018). I was so happy to jettison the first edition in favor of this one last year. If you want to get started with decision modeling, this is the book for you.
  • DMN Cookbook (2018, with Edson Tirelli). This book was written for technical modelers, with the aim of demonstrating how much you can do with DMN's "business-oriented" decision language, based on FEEL and boxed expressions. Lots of great examples, in typical cookbook style.