The Value of Well-Trained BPM Teams - Webcast and White Paper

Are your BPM efforts worth all the time and money you’ve put into them? They are if your project teams have been well prepared in advance. Otherwise, probably not. They’re not if you’re still using paper-based flowcharts or a proprietary diagramming notation to capture and maintain the process logic. They’re not, even if you’re using BPMN, the modeling language standard... but your team isn’t using it correctly. And even if you are using BPMN correctly, but the process logic is not clear from the printed diagram, they still are not.

All those weeks of SME interviews, management reviews, and process redesign workshops... For your BPM efforts to succeed, it is vital to retain the value of all that work in a form that communicates clearly to the whole project team. In fact, your goal should be modeling artifacts that can be referenced and reused by other project teams as well, both now and in the future.

To do all that, you need the right tools and a well-prepared project team. It all starts with proper training. Find out more about how investment in BPMessentials BPMN training for your whole team, in conjunction with a collaborative modeling tool like Signavio Process Editor, can maximize the return on your overall BPM investment. Join me and Gero Decker, CEO of Signavio, for a webcast on January 30 at 10am ET / 4pm CET. Registrants for the webcast will receive my white paper on how well-prepared teams maximize your investment in BPM. To register send your contact information to or simply click here.