Webcast Jan 30 on Preparing Your BPM Team

Join me and Gero Decker of Signavio on January 30 for a webcast on how to maximize the value of your BPM investment with a well-prepared team. Many people mistakenly think the "expensive" part of BPM is the software technology. It's not. The expensive part is the hundreds of man-hours spent in information-gathering, modeling, analysis, and redesign. All those SME meetings and workshops, process map revisions, and document reviews! Yes, it can be a lot. But that investment is time well spent it if you can distill it into a form that is usable across all stakeholders, that communicates clearly, that creates a lasting digital asset that can be updated over time and referenced by others in the future. And that requires preparing your BPM team in advance with the right tools and the right training. Find out how. Click here to register for the webcast and receive a copy of my new whitepaper, "Maximizing Return from Your BPM Investment: The Importance of Well-Prepared Teams."