BPMN Quick and Easy Now Available in Kindle Edition

My new book BPMN Quick and Easy is now available in the Kindle Textbook format. Kindle Textbook is a pdf-based (non-reflowable) format that preserves the graphics quality. It runs on Kindle for PC, tablets, and phones, but not on really old Kindle hardware. If you purchase the paperback you can get the Kindle format for something like $2.99.

BPMN Quick and Easy provides a streamlined "mechanical" approach to creating Good BPMN out of the chaos of your stakeholder workshops and interviews. Based on training over 4000 students in BPMN Method and Style since 2007, it shows you just the shapes and symbols you need to know, a 5-step top-down Method, and a set of style rules that ensure the process logic is clear and complete from the printed diagrams alone. You can use it as a standalone tutorial on BPMN Method and Style or as a reference for my BPMN Method and Style training, which adds in-class exercises and post-class certification.

The next live-online training is October 24-26 from 11am-4pm ET each day. Students have a choice of Vizi Modeler or Trisotech. Click here to register.

The same training content, including in-class exercises and post-class certification, is also available web/on-demand. There are nearly identical versions for Vizi Modeler (click here to register) and Trisotech (click here to register).