BPMN Method and Style Web/On-Demand Training and Certification

//BPMN Method and Style Web/On-Demand Training and Certification

BPMN Method and Style Web/On-Demand Training and Certification


Includes 60-day use of Trisotech BPMN Modeler and post-class certification.

On registration you will receive invitations from Scormcloud LMS and methodandstyle.trisotech.com within 1 business day.

Volume discounts: -$50 (2-4), -$100 (5-9), -$150 (10+)


  1. If multiple students, or if buyer is not the student, provide name and email of each student with the order.
  2. Training and certification must be completed within 60 days of activation.  One 60-day extension may be purchased for $75.
  3. Normally activation is within 1 day of purchase, but if you wish to delay activation, indicate that in the order.
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This class teaches students how to communicate process logic clearly through BPMN diagrams: the diagram elements they need in practice, how to use and label them correctly, and how to create models that are structurally correct. Learning to create “good BPMN” – models that communicate the process logic clearly, correctly, and consistently through the diagram – does not require technical knowledge, just a disciplined approach and firm guidelines that we call Method and Style.  Students complete exercises throughout the training, plus a mail-in exercise in the post-class certification period.  This class is offered in two versions.  The content and certification are the same in both.  Use this page to register for the class using Trisotech BPMN Modeler;  use this link to register for the class using ViziModeler from itp commerce on BPMessentials.com.  Both tools incorporate Method and Style validation.  Certification is built into the training.  The 60-day certification period is when the classroom material really begins to sink in.  Access to the training and tool expires in 60 days; extension may be purchased for additional cost.

Course outline:

  1. What Is BPMN?
  2. BPMN by Example
  3. Concepts and The Method
  4. BPMN Style
  5. Parallel Flow
  6. Events
    1. Timer
    2. Message
    3. Error
    4. Event Subprocess
  7. Iteration
  8. Following the Rules
  9. Certification and Beyond
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